FC621 USB 10BASE-T1L Stick

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The FC621 USB 10BASE-T1L Stick represents a compact hardware interface connecting MS-Windows and Linux based PCs with 10BASE-T1L industrial Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) network devices and switches.

The FC621 USB 10BASE-T1L Stick functions as seamless media converter between a standard USB 2.0 interface and a 10BASE-T1L industrial Single Pair Ethernet network. On Windows and Linux host PCs the FC621 USB 10BASE-T1L Stick is detected as standard Ethernet device.

Flexible software APIs feature full access to Analog Devices ADIN1100 PHY internal registers. This enables cable testing and network diagnosis.




  • Analog Devices ADIN1100 10BASE-T1L PHY
  • 10BASE-T1L physical interface with UTP connector
  • NXP LPC4333 32-bit ARM Cortex-M4/M0 microcontroller
  • High-Speed USB 2.0 device interface with Type-A connector
  • Network Master/Slave configuration via hardware switch
  • USB powered
  • Compact and modular design



  • MS-Windows and Linux compatible
  • Standard Ethernet Network device on host PC
  • USB CDC/ECM driver for MS-Windows
  • Powerful and flexible API for ADIN1100 SMI access
  • Common C-API and Python wrapper
  • Python abstraction class for ADIN1100 MDIO register
  • Firmware update via USB



The USB interface of the FC621 USB 10BASE-T1L Stick allows seamless connection to a broad variety of PCs, notebooks and embedded platforms. The USB Control and CDC/ECM profiles enable the usage of USB hosts running MS-Windows as well as Linux operating systems. This enables the USB 10BASE-T1L Stick for the following applications:

  • Standard Ethernet network device supporting 10BASE-T1L pyhsical interface
  • MS-Windows and Linux PC used as protocol analyzer (Wireshark) for 10BASE-T1L networks
  • Point-to-Point industrial Ethernet network connection using two USB 10BASE-T1L Sticks
  • Evaluation of Analog Devices ADIN1100 10BASE-T1L PHY chip with full access to MDIO registers
  • 10BASE-T1L cable testing and network diagnosis
  • Simulation of multiple nodes on industrial Ethernet switch designs
  • Industrial Ethernet network simulation and demonstration



  • MS-Windows 10 or Linux host platform (e.g. PC, Laptop, Raspberry Pi)
  • USB 2.0 host port

Technical Data

Dimensions: 68 x 20 x 15 mm
Power Supply: 5 V (USB powered)
Operating Temperature: 0°C to +85°C
USB Connector: USB 2.0 Type-A
10BASE-T1L Connector: PTR screw terminal

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